Enriching Convenience for Customer

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Providing value-added services at the fuel station is a smart move for fuel retailers. It differentiates themselves from competitors and builds strong loyalty with customers. This route extends the reach of their services and  brand values to resonate with the modern community’s needs: a one-stop convenience.

Gone are the days of visiting fuel stations just to refuel and move on. The current expectation from consumers is to get the most out of their visits to the petrol station, hence why fuel retailers need to adapt with the evolving consumer needs.

RONPOS: From fuel to full service, transforming customer experience

To do so, it’s essential to have an integrated system in place that is able to handle every aspect of your services for both parties’ convenience. Being deployed at over 1,000 petrol stations, RONPOS is an expert at providing solutions for fuel retailers that want to have an edge over their competitors while enhancing values for their customers.

Using AI-Powered Computer Vision, RONPOS analyzes consumer behavior and the surroundings, such as who’s using and how they use your services. This feature helps fuel retailers tap into the data to find out new ways to extend their service offerings and enrich customer experience at their stations. In the long run, fuel retailers are able to tailor their offerings according to customer’s needs and also promise holistic convenience during their stop.


RONPOS: From fuel to full service, transforming customer experience

Plus, RONPOS is able to optimize multiple customer experiences at the same time. Its architecture is built to run self-service, fuel-attendant service, as well as fleet automation using advanced technology through their designated POS, Self-Service Kiosk, Mobile Fuel App, and Fuel Attendant App.

This seamless ecosystem of RONPOS creates a positive image and reputation of your brand in the minds of drivers that stop by, building loyalty towards your station over those of competitors. Just the perfect tool for fuel retailers to thrive in times of high competition!

RONPOS technology ultimately boosts your image as a trustworthy brand that offers more than just fuel to the riders. With RONPOS, you’re in line for brighter opportunities to enlarge your business capacity as we continue to create innovations for the fuel retail industry.