Innovative Features at your Disposal

Ditch your legacy systems. RONPOS lineup of innovative features elevates fuel retail businesses operations. 

Powerful Management Ecosystem

RONPOS is an ecosystem of devices and software working together to streamline your fuel retail operations


User-friendly central Point-of-sale system that is super fast and highly intuitive


A backoffice dashboard for outlet managers with real-time analytics and reports


A hub device that improves stability, provides service availability during loss of connectivity


OpenAPIs providing freedom and scalability. Integrate with third party systems or enable more features in the future

Customer Display

Show payment figures, promotions and package recommendations to your customer

Portable Data Terminal

Easily manage your inventory and count stocks with a Portable Data Terminal app on a mobile device

Comprehensive Reporting for All

No matter your business size, from a single store to a multi-national gas station chain, RONPOS has the reporting capabilities with features such as tier and royalty management, multi-store management, pricebooks and regional control to ensure smooth day-to-day operations.

Effortless Support System, with Low Cost

Our preventive maintenance technology allow up to 99.7% of issues to be resolved remotely without requiring any on-site visit.

Command Centre

Dedicate your own command centre team to monitor status of all outlets using our command centre tools. 

Remote Support

Assess, diagnose and resolve issues remotely using our remote support tolls from the command centre.

Low Support Cost

Reduce support cost by minimizing the need for on-site support for any software related issues.

No Nonsensical Hardware Costs

No more expensive legacy hardware. RONPOS runs in both iOS and Android which are cost efficient whilst delivering performance, scalability and security.

Delivering Greater Customer Experience

Quickly integrate to third party systems, RONPOS’s modern APIs enables various integration smoothly.

We Modernize Fuel Retailers

Time to step up your game and get RONPOS for your fuel retail business